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Lesson 8

Chapter 8
Chapter 6 Edition 7
Wireless Networking

  • Explain how nodes exchange wireless signals
  • Identify potential obstacles to successful wireless transmission and their repercussions, such as interference and reflections
  • Understand WLAN (wireless LAN) architecture
  • Specify the characteristics of popular WLAN transmission methods, including 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Install and configure wireless access points and their clients
  • Explore wireless security concerns
  • Evaluate common problems experienced with wireless networks
      Interesting Retired Equipment:
      Near Field Communications:
      Using Wireless Networks:
      CSMA/CD & CSMA/CA :
      Wireless Standards:
      Configuring Wireless Routers:


Lab 7

1. Do a search on Bandwidth Throttling- Record your findings

2. On your VM (virtual machine) Go to this site: First run the test for Flash Video and then run a test for HTTP.  Record your results. (Note: you may have to install the latest version of Java)

3. If you have a laptop or if the workstation allows run the test on them and compare your results

4. Read this article:

– From Chapter 11 7th Edition. Project 11.3

Homework:  Chapter 7 Review Questions in Blackboard

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