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Lesson 5

Chapter 5
  Topologies and Ethernet Standards

  • Describe the basic and hybrid LAN topologies, and their uses. advantages, and disadvantages
  • Describe the backbone structures that form the foundation for most networks
  • Compare the different types of switching used in data transmission
  • Explain how nodes on Ethernet networks share a communications channel
  • Identify the characteristics of several Ethernet standards
 Good to know:   

Compare circuit switching and packet switching

MicroNugget: What is MPLS?

Network Qualifier Copper Ethernet Cable

TCP/IP Basics - Episode 30 -- Ethernet Frames

How to build an Ethernet Frame


       LAB 4: Project 4-1 Page 191, Project 4-2 191-193, Also try ping and tracert commands

        Additional Reading:
        Addition Sites:
        What's the difference between External and Local IP addresses:  internet/whats-the-difference-between-external-and-local-ip-addresses

        Homework: Chapter 4 Review questions in Blackboard

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