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Lesson 2

Chapter 2
Networking Standards and the OSI Model
  • Identify organizations that set standards for networking
  • Describe the purpose of the OSI Model and each of its layers
  • Explain specific functions belonging to each OSI model layer
  • Understand how two network nodes communicate through the OSI model
  • Discuss the structure and purpose of data packets and frames
  • Describe the two types of addressing covered by the OSI model

Here is a helpful YouTube video on the OSI (Open System Interconnect) Model:

OSI Model Explained
Understanding the OSI Reference model


Complete the review questions at the end of Chapter 2

 Read – Chapter 3

 Lab 2: Project 2-1 Page 70-71, Project 2-2 Page 71-72, Project 2-3 Only questions 1-4 Page 72 

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