CMPT 230

Senior Internship
Course Description:
The internship requirement is an integral part of the Computer Technology student's preparation for employment in the workplace. The internship is a supervised, field experience in which you will observe and participate in the functioning of the information technology department at a sponsoring organization. A student must have completed 30 credit hours in SMCC’s Computer Technology program before registering for the internship. Given its importance, the student should begin examining internship opportunities during their second semester in the program. To ensure the optimal amount of choice in an internship placement, the student should explore as many avenues as possible.

Class Hours:
 Minimum of 135 hours working as an intern at a sponsoring organization
1. After securing an internship have your Internship Provider fill out the Internship Provider Form 
2. Create a resume and e-mail it to me as an attachment.
3. When the Internship has been completed have the Internship Provider complete the questionnaire form in the attachments (Form in progress).
Wendy Plourde,
Jan 19, 2015, 12:29 PM