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Holy Bowling Pins Batman!

posted Aug 8, 2012, 8:10 PM by SMaRT Edu   [ updated Aug 8, 2012, 8:10 PM by Liberty Naud ]
We just got our FIRST LEGO League Senior Solutions Field Set Up kits. Going to have a build party tomorrow night to put it all together. Can't wait to show you all the really cool video we are going to do for this season. 

In partnership with A Consortium in Indio, CA, we are going to use their green screen and "show you" how to make all the missions models work. Cool huh?  Who knows...maybe the zombies will make another guest appearance!

Looks like we have the following missions: 

Bowling, some kind of weight lift, white rings on shelves, a dog, a garden, quilting, some way cool looking Coopertition thing in the middle with seven large balls, little TVs or computers, a stove with hot burners, medicine bags, and...

Just like Scott Evans said at the World Festival in April...STAIRS!

Look for completed pictures and a quick video about the models in the coming days as we finish building it all. If anyone is headed to the STEM Festival at the Westfield Palm Desert Mall this Saturday, we will be showing the new board off.