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2012-2013 FLL Robotics

posted Sep 13, 2012, 4:44 PM by Unknown user
Yay! The 2012-2013 FLL robotics year for X-Treme Team has finally started! X-Treme Team is having our robotics meetings every week and we are already started on the robot and the project! We have already put our goals on the Project Calendar (go check it out!) and are starting to accomplish them. This year's theme is (drum roll) Senior Solutions! We are supposed to come up with ideas of how to help senior citizens in their everyday lives. The Senior Solutions robot board is really awesome too. It has missions called Shopping, Pets Help, and Gardening. And since the board is covered in light colors, we are going to make our robot colorful this year! Anyways, we hope this year will be a great one! Especially since we have three new members on X-Treme Team: Gracie, Aidan, and Walker! Wish X-Treme luck!