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1st Outreach Event - Southern California Energy Summit

posted Oct 5, 2012, 11:46 AM by Unknown user
Holy Energy Batman this weekend was electrifying! If you are interested in learning about who, what, and why this venue was the best EVER place to showcase MoonBots and our ultimate lunar landscape you can go to the event website here: socalenergysummit.org.

So - EVERYONE was wearing a business suit and we rolled in there Thursday morning in jeans and our GLXP MoonBots shirts. When one of the emcees gave Miss Liberty a once over she said, "Google made us wear it." And then no one looked at us funny again.

The team in front of the board at the SoCal Energy Summit

So this was the first time we had our board completely assembled --all four levels of it!  We will be posting a complete time lapse video of the board being built next week. Additionally, we will be posting a video of how each Mission model works, why we chose to build that particular component. 

Lt. Governor Newsom with MoonBots X-Treme TeamIt was so amazing being able to meet all of the people that we did while we were here. Like California Lt. Governor Newsom who knows Dean Kamen and was at the wedding of Sergey Brin. What a cool guy!

This is a picture of our Lunar Bot 3.0 navigating the board while Matthew tweaks the programming to compensate for the low light levels.

Our Solar Powered Robot navigating the board.

Up close look at Lunar Bot 3.0. We went through three major prototyping phases and will uploading pictures and our Robot Design Executive Summary to a separate page.

Upclose look at our robot

Now, about our Live Mission Broadcast:

While we are absolutely thrilled that Chris figured out how to use WireCast to stream our three camera angle across USTREAM and justin.tv, it turns out one of the adults must have checked the mute box because no audio was broadcast right after Mikie and Parker left the stage. :-( We are so sorry to all of the people that tuned in. However, we did get A LOT of feedback that the Lunar Surface is beyond epic and that we are the most excited kids in the whole world. Yes - science and technology is not only education BUT FUN!!!

Luckily we were recording everything separately with another camera so we will be able to upload the entire performance and speech we gave to YouTube. Most likely next week.

And, for those of you that didn't get a chance to see, we had two touch penalties which brought our game score down to 35 points. We had been expecting to receive closer to 250 for this outreach event so that was a pretty big disappointment. 

On the flip side we knew that we were not prepared to get all 500 points this weekend, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to get our message out to so many people. Especially since we had a huge focus on renewable energy.

We encourage all of you to tune in on November 3rd at 12:10 PST when we broadcast live again from the Palm Springs Air Museum during the Desert Cities FLL Qualifying Tournament. They are anticipating 32 FLL teams (320 kids) and over 250 attendees.

And we promise to make sure the mute button isn't pressed. 

Tips for other teams: we tested our live stream multiple times before this event, were set up next to a professional A/V company and STILL didn't get it perfectly right. So test test test. And then test again.

Oh - and Martyn, the judge, is the nicest guy in the world. Don't be nervous, be awesome. 

X-Treme Team out.