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work time

posted Aug 29, 2013, 10:13 AM by Unknown user

Hay every one sorry about the wait on pics and stuffs. We are waiting for next  meeting to get good team pictures so again sorry for the wait.

-Mikie :-)

Revealing of Nature's Fury

posted Aug 4, 2013, 6:24 PM by Unknown user

Hi everyone! This is Harrison blogging about last Thursday's amazing revealing of the upcoming FLL seasons board, themed Nature's Fury. We started the day off at 9:00 AM. At first, since not everybody was there yet, we continued the exhausting task of organizing all of our LEGOs. By about 11:00 or so, we finally finished organizing, but still not everybody was there yet. As much as we wanted to wait for the other team members, we had to start on building the mission modules for the board. Before we started though, we all ate a snack just to crave any of those little hungers that come to our stomach. At about 11:30, we began on the exciting job by selecting what mission module we would build. All of us were so glad that this year FLL decided to have all the pieces for one modules in a group of bags because it would probably half our time in building the board. Over the course of the next 30-45 minutes, we built all of the boards components. At about 12:30, we took a lunch break, playing some teamwork activities like the "One-Foot" game, "Assassin", and even "Ninja!". After lunch, we all excitedly crowded around the board. One by one, we each took a mission module and explained what we think it is, what do we think we have to do with it, and where is goes. After all of the mission modules were placed down on where we think they go, the whole team started discussing some possible strategies. However, knowing that the official instructions for the missions are not out until August 27th, we did not make any of our strategies official. As team members starting to leave the meeting at around 2:00, we continued playing some teamwork activites until all of us were picked of by are wonderful supporting parents.

I personally can't believe the kind of board it is this year! When looking around the board, it looks like a few components were similar to other ones on previous years' boards; for example the 'Road Closure Sign' (the yellow arrow pointing to the right). This module acts pretty much the same as the Robotics Sensitivity in 2010's Body Forward: It is difficult to push it straight up and have it not fall down by pushing it to much.

Thank you everybody for taking the time to read this long post. Have a great FLL year and see you at the competition!

Our 10th Team Member CHOSEN!

posted Jun 22, 2013, 7:14 AM by Unknown user

Hi everybody. This is Harrison. For the past week we (X-Treme Team) have been helping run a summer camp at Oasis Elementary School. These kids will then be an FLL team called the Galaxy Bots! As you all might have not known, Gracie left our team, but later decided that she still wanted to be in robotics. So, she decided to help start a Girl Scouts team. Since we now have an open spot, we were looking for a new team member that would really have the potential to fit into X-Treme Team's craziness and we figured that we would focus on a girl because well, we only have ONE girl right now, but, if we see the perfect boy, we would select him. We can tell that for these kids, it is life-changing because as all of us (X-Treme Team) were driving over to Thermal for the camp, we saw the kinds of houses that they lived in and the fact that they have no running clean water and that there parents have to work in the fields all day. As we went through the four days, we identified four people: Sonia, Himena, Estavan, and Karla. On Friday, as we did our final discussion on who it should be, we considered that the person must be committed. With this in mind, Sonia and Himena had to be taken out of the runnings because they both had cheer and both kept switching back and forth between cheer and robotics. With Estavan, he admitted before the discussion that he would honestly rather be with Galaxy Bots. Leaving only Karla left, we went though all our requirements. She passed all of them, including the "looking for a girl" one! For me, Karla reminds me of us when we were eight and we started robotics, kind of shy and not all-out, but do not worry people. Karla will soon be just like us! And she is another part of the family! It would be great if you (the reader) can write a comment shouting out to Karla and what a good job she did!

Thank you for your time and congratulations Karla!

~Harrison Cassar
 X-Treme Team Leader

Member Hunting

posted Jun 18, 2013, 1:13 PM by Mikie Bowman

Hello robotics world this is Mikie, today some X-Treme Team members and I went to Thermal. It was an enlightening experience I got to realize how lucky I am to have all that I have. I got to see the reactions on kids faces when they found out that sports and working in the fields are not the only paths as a career in life. The experience of teaching was as wonderful as ever.   

1st Outreach Event - Southern California Energy Summit

posted Oct 5, 2012, 11:46 AM by Unknown user

Holy Energy Batman this weekend was electrifying! If you are interested in learning about who, what, and why this venue was the best EVER place to showcase MoonBots and our ultimate lunar landscape you can go to the event website here: socalenergysummit.org.

So - EVERYONE was wearing a business suit and we rolled in there Thursday morning in jeans and our GLXP MoonBots shirts. When one of the emcees gave Miss Liberty a once over she said, "Google made us wear it." And then no one looked at us funny again.

The team in front of the board at the SoCal Energy Summit

So this was the first time we had our board completely assembled --all four levels of it!  We will be posting a complete time lapse video of the board being built next week. Additionally, we will be posting a video of how each Mission model works, why we chose to build that particular component. 

Lt. Governor Newsom with MoonBots X-Treme TeamIt was so amazing being able to meet all of the people that we did while we were here. Like California Lt. Governor Newsom who knows Dean Kamen and was at the wedding of Sergey Brin. What a cool guy!

This is a picture of our Lunar Bot 3.0 navigating the board while Matthew tweaks the programming to compensate for the low light levels.

Our Solar Powered Robot navigating the board.

Up close look at Lunar Bot 3.0. We went through three major prototyping phases and will uploading pictures and our Robot Design Executive Summary to a separate page.

Upclose look at our robot

Now, about our Live Mission Broadcast:

While we are absolutely thrilled that Chris figured out how to use WireCast to stream our three camera angle across USTREAM and justin.tv, it turns out one of the adults must have checked the mute box because no audio was broadcast right after Mikie and Parker left the stage. :-( We are so sorry to all of the people that tuned in. However, we did get A LOT of feedback that the Lunar Surface is beyond epic and that we are the most excited kids in the whole world. Yes - science and technology is not only education BUT FUN!!!

Luckily we were recording everything separately with another camera so we will be able to upload the entire performance and speech we gave to YouTube. Most likely next week.

And, for those of you that didn't get a chance to see, we had two touch penalties which brought our game score down to 35 points. We had been expecting to receive closer to 250 for this outreach event so that was a pretty big disappointment. 

On the flip side we knew that we were not prepared to get all 500 points this weekend, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to get our message out to so many people. Especially since we had a huge focus on renewable energy.

We encourage all of you to tune in on November 3rd at 12:10 PST when we broadcast live again from the Palm Springs Air Museum during the Desert Cities FLL Qualifying Tournament. They are anticipating 32 FLL teams (320 kids) and over 250 attendees.

And we promise to make sure the mute button isn't pressed. 

Tips for other teams: we tested our live stream multiple times before this event, were set up next to a professional A/V company and STILL didn't get it perfectly right. So test test test. And then test again.

Oh - and Martyn, the judge, is the nicest guy in the world. Don't be nervous, be awesome. 

X-Treme Team out.

MoonBots Missions and Scaled Lunar Surface

posted Sep 15, 2012, 12:06 PM by Calista Vassios

Hi Everyone!

We want to thank sponsor Suboken and Calista for pointing out that they couldn't find our uploaded scaled lunar surface and MoonBots Missions! We had uploaded them to the MoonBots 2011 site...yipes! 

Anyway, we got everything moved over this morning to the right place and you can see one of our awesome lunar surface here: 

We can't wait to show all of this off at the 2012 Southern California Energy Summit on October 4th. 

Oh - and happy birthday (Sept. 14th) to MoonBot Team Member Matthew who just turned 12!

2012-2013 FLL Robotics

posted Sep 13, 2012, 4:44 PM by Unknown user

Yay! The 2012-2013 FLL robotics year for X-Treme Team has finally started! X-Treme Team is having our robotics meetings every week and we are already started on the robot and the project! We have already put our goals on the Project Calendar (go check it out!) and are starting to accomplish them. This year's theme is (drum roll) Senior Solutions! We are supposed to come up with ideas of how to help senior citizens in their everyday lives. The Senior Solutions robot board is really awesome too. It has missions called Shopping, Pets Help, and Gardening. And since the board is covered in light colors, we are going to make our robot colorful this year! Anyways, we hope this year will be a great one! Especially since we have three new members on X-Treme Team: Gracie, Aidan, and Walker! Wish X-Treme luck!

Wow! What an awesome day!

posted Aug 22, 2012, 1:36 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 22, 2012, 1:44 PM by SMaRT Edu ]

Hello everybody! We just finished our X-Treme team MoonBots meeting and posted a video blog:   for today! Also, we have finished about 95% of our Ultimate Lunar Landscape CAD and have completely finished our Missions and Points! We are very excited about this much progress into Phase 2 already!  

-X-treme Team

X-Treme Team MoonBots Video Blog for August 22

Holy Bowling Pins Batman!

posted Aug 8, 2012, 8:10 PM by SMaRT Edu   [ updated Aug 8, 2012, 8:10 PM by Liberty Naud ]

We just got our FIRST LEGO League Senior Solutions Field Set Up kits. Going to have a build party tomorrow night to put it all together. Can't wait to show you all the really cool video we are going to do for this season. 

In partnership with A Consortium in Indio, CA, we are going to use their green screen and "show you" how to make all the missions models work. Cool huh?  Who knows...maybe the zombies will make another guest appearance!

Looks like we have the following missions: 

Bowling, some kind of weight lift, white rings on shelves, a dog, a garden, quilting, some way cool looking Coopertition thing in the middle with seven large balls, little TVs or computers, a stove with hot burners, medicine bags, and...

Just like Scott Evans said at the World Festival in April...STAIRS!

Look for completed pictures and a quick video about the models in the coming days as we finish building it all. If anyone is headed to the STEM Festival at the Westfield Palm Desert Mall this Saturday, we will be showing the new board off.

We Made it to Phase 2!

posted Aug 8, 2012, 7:59 PM by SMaRT Edu   [ updated Aug 8, 2012, 7:59 PM by Liberty Naud ]

Wow-wee! Out of 147 MoonBots teams we are SO honored to have been chosen as one of thirty finalists for the Phase 2 Challenge. We are already hard at work putting together our scaled drawing of the lunar surface as well as ironing out the finer points of our mission strategies and model points. 

Luckily, in the middle of all this hard work we got a package from Chanda at Google Lunar X-Prize.

Check it out we've got MoonBots Bling!

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