X-Treme Fun!

Hi Everybody! This is where the "behind-the-scenes" fun takes place. We have been having fun since day one and we really hope you enjoy all of the silliness. Whawhoo!

MoonDust Fight

Have you been following our blog? Then you know that Tim Pickens from the Rocket City Space Pioneers said that we should use flour to simulate MoonDust. 

Miss Liberty bought 60 pounds of flour and we made a lunar surface. We meant to just simulate walking and do science experiments but, well, it just got out of control really fast!

This is the aftermath of that really super fun day! Cleaning up was hilarious because our shirts turned into stiff yet sticky paper mache. 

We all had flour in our hair for weeks afterwards because it hardened and wouldn't wash out. Miss Liberty freaked out because she thought the team got lice. HAHAHAAAAAHAAAA!

There was one point where Parker was aiming too high and he got Diego straight on in the face! When he opened his eyes there were completely white. OW!

He looked like he was crying milk for the rest of the day and Parker felt really really bad. 

Other than that it was such a cool way to start summer!

When Aliens Attack!

So what did YOU do after your MoonBots Live Mission Webcast? Us? 

We built an Alien Army and took over the moon! 

Our robot looks so cool surrounded by the little green men. 

Oh No! Apparently we aren't the only ones on the moon...look out aliens...a dinosaur is coming to get you!

We can't wait to film some awesome stop motion on the board...speaking of which, this was a really fun video to make for Richard Sisk, FIRST Senior Mentor and an X-Treme Friend. 


So immediately following the alien takeover of our MoonBots board we realized that we could finally open up the Food Factor field set up kit. We have had it for a month but all voted on whether or not to open it while MoonBots was in session. At final count of students and mentors 2 had said OPEN NOW and 7 said lets wait. Miss Liberty was one of the OPEN NOW people, so she was especially excited to finally see what we got. In fact, we were all so excited that we put the whole board together in just 2 minutes!

X-Treme Building - Food Factor in 2 minutes

Mikie liked to roll around in the MoonBots Banner. He must have traveled half way to GLXP head quarters to thank Chanda Gonzales when we threw him over our shoulders and brought him home. 

Burrito of Unusual Size

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