STEM Outreach

Our Outreach Numbers are going to Skyrocket!!!

Education and inspiration are key underlying goals driving the Google Lunar X PRIZE. One of our missions, and Phase 2 challenges, is to dream, design, build, and implement a community outreach project that will teach other students about space exploration and inspire them toward careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

KICS - Kids Inspiring Communities, is a STEM outreach group founded in 2010 by team member Mikie Bowman. There are currently 13 KICS kids ranging from elementary to college age. Everyone on our MoonBots team is a member of KICS. To date, we have raised over $4,500 to help start rookie FLL teams! We actively present before education, goverment, and community organizations to further promote our mission of getting kids just as excited as we are about science and technology. 

On August 5th  Miss Liberty told us that our collaboration with SMaRT Education over the summer has resulted in the following middle schools receiving approval and funding  for LEGO MINDSTORMS kits and software to teach Robotics electives in 2011/2012 school year: Nellie Kaufman MS, Desert Springs MS, Colonel Mitchell Paige MS, Thomas Jefferson MS! 

Rookie Teams we started this summer: 12 FIRST LEGO League, 2 FIRST Tech Challenge

Not only that...but just hours after our live mission webcast we received the most awesome email from Rick Sisk. Libby Kamen (yes, THAT Libby Kamen) would like to interview our team about MoonBots for the Lets Talk FIRST - show that she hosts. It is a pilot program to showcase the incredible outreach efforts of teams like ours. Luckily for you, Miss Calista caught it all on tape. 

2011 STEM Service-Learning Institute

We had the opportunity to teach and inspire 120 educators and administrators from 40 school districts across Southern California. If they each educate 30 students, and then each kid tells 4 people how exciting math and science are, then our impact by the end of the school year will be 14,440 people…and in five years that will be almost 60,000 people we’ve inspired!  

We taught them about the importance of lunar exploration and how math can be fun to learn when using robotics. We made them laugh and cheer by showing them the science behind how robots can sense their environments. It was so funny to watch them crawl around on the floor. 

X-Treme STEM Outreach!

more really awesome STEM videos

Here are the other videos of what we taught, what we did, and who we interviewed at the 2011 STEM Service Learning Institute. 
  • Mikie talking about the ultrasonic sensor
  • Harrison teaching programming and variables
  • Harrison giving a quick geometry lesson to calculate wheel rotations
  • Mikie interviewing a teacher about X-Treme Team, robotics, and MoonBots

Mikie gave a funny presentation about the ultra-sonic sensor, how it works, and how we use them in earth robotics but can't in space. Want to know why? Click play!!!

Mikie talking about sensors

Harrison describes how variables work in programming by linking decibels to robot speed. Wanna make your robot move using your voice? Then we have a video for you!

Harrison gives a lesson about programming

Harrison does math in his head and explains how knowing the circumference of your robot's wheels will help you determine the distance that your robot will travel with each rotation. So get moving and watch the show!

X-Treme Geometry for Programming

Mikie decided to take a stab at being a videographer after Day 3 of the 2011 Southern California STEM Service-Learning Institute. We give him props for his great questions and giggle at his very obvious technical issue. Great job Mikie!

Teacher Feedback from 2011 SoCal STEM SLI - Science is Rock n' Roll...Post-Event

What an incredible time this was! We invited the entire community to come to Buffalo Wild Wings for the premier of - Science is Rock'n Roll. Thanks to Chris we were able to stream East Coast ABC and watched the special three hours early! 

It was really cool to see Miss Liberty's reaction to being included in the global special.  She is a mentor for FRC Team 3521 - The Noble Nuts and Mikie is their mascot. 

During the event we got to speak with principals, community members, and other kids who came down to our STEM Outreach event. We showed off our MoonRover, gave out information about robotics classes, and even took a few extra robots for the other kids to play with. It was a blast!

Check out our videos from that event here

This is a demonstration of what we did.

Harrison shows off a robot to Mikie.

Harrison tells Mikie about our fundraiser.

Mikie LOVES Buffalo Wild Wings giving back to the community.
Especially when it is to kids who build and program robots.
They have yummy buffalo wings too! 
Mikie is going to tell all of his friends.

This is some of the information we shared.

Connect a Million Minds is inspiring the next generation of 
problem solvers by connecting kids (like us) to the wonders 
of science, technology, engineering and math.

X-Treme Team has participated in FIRST LEGO League and MoonBots.  We get to learn a lot and have fun too! The board on the left is what we call: Robotics Inspires Service Learning. We showcase the FLL Global Innovation Award Winners.

These are not life saving devices... they make up the 
FIRST logo and are used in FIRST Robotics Competitions. - Science is Rock n' Roll- Pre-Event

Join SMaRT Education and X-Treme Team in the banquet room of Buffalo Wild Wings in Palm Desert to see Robots in Action, learn about MoonBots2.0: A Google Lunar X PRIZE LEGO MINDSTORMS Challenge and get ready for the ABC Special " - Science is Rock & Roll". Our event is posted here on FaceBook:

Come to our STEM Outreach Event!