Sponsors, Mentors & Friends

X-Treme Team wants to thank the companies, organizations, and individuals who have been helping our team along the way throughout MoonBots 2012. You can find out how the community has come together to support our team below.

We also like to recognize the MoonBots Challenge sponsors and partners: X PRIZE Foundation, Google, LEGO Education, FIRST Wired, GeekDad, and GeekMomLunabotics Mining, Dexter Industries, Cleantech, Pisces, NASA Lunar Science Institute, InOMN, This program wouldn't be possible without you!


SMaRT Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to 
promoting STEM and inspiring children like us to become the next leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California, they serve some of the most under-served, high-risk students in the region. SMaRT Education provides our meeting place, extra robots for our STEM outreach projects, and website hosting. 

Connect a Million Minds is a five-year initiative of Time Warner Cable to address America’s declining proficiency in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They graciously donated funds for the purchase of the robots kits we use to serve, educate, and inspire the students of the Coachella Valley and surrounding communities.  Click here for an awesome video about how they helped us.

SolidProfessor - They have sponsored 6 seats for their online training program. SolidProfessor is a SolidWorks Solution Partner delivering the largest library of SolidWorks video training and tutorial courses on the market. And we especially like them because they are located here in Southern California just like us!

Best Buy- La Quinta was kind enough to donate a webcam for our team to use. This will enable us to run our Live Mission Webcast. The whole store was really supportive of what we are trying to do. We have also contacted the corporate office to coordinate a region-wide media release. Video thank you link.
Dynetics, one of the main players behind the Rocket City Space Pioneers, has delivered high-quality, high-value engineering, scientific, and information technology (IT) solutions to customers within the U.S. government and a range of other market segments since 1974. Dynetics sponsored a Contour Camera for our team to mount to our lunar LEGO rover's Live Mission Webcast! We love RCSP!

Ricky Jordan
Ricky Jordan is a rock'em sock'em SolidWorks®  super-power user, President of the North Alabama SolidworksUser Group, and just happens to be the Lead Mechanical Engineer of the Space Vehicles Department at Dynetics! Wow are we humbled to receive such incredible help! He also helped to hook our team up with 6 seats of SolidProfessor to train us all in Solidworks! He is so awesome! His website here.

Travis and Calista from The Suboken Project have played a huge role in helping our team become familiar with media and presentation. Travis's  artistic and musical background along with his fanatical obsession with LEGOs make him an natural friend and inspiration to our team. Calista, also a LEGO-maniac, spends countless hours recording all of our schenanigans to capture the awesomeness that is X-Treme Team.

The Rocket City Space Pioneers is our favorite Google Lunar X-Prize Team!  They are competing against 28 teams around the world for $30 million dollars! They are working on a shuttle and moon rover that can capture samples using. They developed a business system that will help showcase the innovative collaboration and space travel solutions to help launch commercial space programs. As Mikie likes to say in the video, "That means you and your family can go to the moon!" GOOD LUCK RCSP! This is our video about the thank you pictures we made.

Rick Sisk is a busy guy. When he is not battling Kung-Fu Pandas or putting out fires, he is off doing something with robots. Rick is a FIRST Senior Mentor for Southern California which means he gets to work with great robotics teams from all over this area, coaching, training, helping to find funds, judging, field setup, inspecting robots, emceeing events, you name it, he's done it. 
 Rick is also a lead mentor for FRC Team 2493 Robokong from Riverside, CA.
In his spare time he likes to build sets and special effects for local community theatres and considers it a good day when he can work a robot into the set of a play. It's a good thing Rick's family; Dona, Kassandra, and Danielle share his passions for robots and theatre. Rick funds his habits by working for Sage Software in Irvine, CA as a software designer and business analyst. We like him so much he got two pics!

TechBrick Robotics at TechBrick.com for 2011-2012 Forest Hill MD
TeckBrick- This is the best website EVER for FIRST LEGO League team resources. Every year they design programming and strategy worksheets, scoring sheets, and what we like to call: Essential Mission Control elements.