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Project Calendar

Please ensure that in addition to your deadlines and actions items below that you are paying attention to the when we are having team meetings, what you need to where, and what you should be prepared to bring. That calendar is here.
NOTE: the dates below are when things are DUE, and absolutely NOT when you should start doing them. Everything below you should be working on already.
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OwnerTask DescriptionDue DateUpdateComplete
OwnerTask DescriptionDue DateUpdateComplete
Mikie & Parker STEM Outreach - Cabot Yerxa Elementary    
Miss Liberty Create team time line and Gantt Chart July 11, 2011 Most July deadlines uploaded. Gantt Chart coming soon so kids can get visual of why certain projects need to be complete before we can move on to others.  
Mikie & Chase STEM Outreach ideas July 12, 2011 Have info together for the STEM Service-Learning institute on 7/15. Made chart and recorded some video. - Mikie Working on Info for STEM Service learning Institute-Chase  
Mikie Video Blog - STEM Outreach Ideas July 12, 2011 Picture blog instead. Camera not working so well.  
Harrison Preliminary CAD drawing of robot chassis and camera mount July 14, 2011 Have robot chassis that can be used for either robot design proposal  
Matthew Preliminary CAD of robot attachment claw July 14, 2011 Done!  
Harrison, Matthew, Parker Blog about preliminary CAD designs - upload to website July 14, 2011 Done! Put in new website page: Robot Design CAD so that we can add new items as we go along  
Parker (with Mentor Diego) Preliminary CAD design of loop collector July 14, 2011 It's okay...could do better. Going to start on SolidProfessor tutorial  
Entire Team STEM Outreach Event - Presentation to 120 teachers and educators from over 40 school districts in California July 15, 2011 So totally awesome! Need to put video together. Add that to project list.  
Parker Complete loop collector design July 18, 2011 Made prototype of design - did not work very well :-(  
Matthew Complete Claw design July 18, 2011 Used Mikie's 'hand' idea but my motor idea. Will need to redesign  
Harrison Complete Robot Chassis design July 18, 2011 Revamped to accommodate 4x4 drive - SO MUCH HARDER THAN I THOUGHT!  
Team Voice overs for STEM SLI Video July 19, 2011 All done.   
Team with Miss Calista Put STEM Outreach Video together July 21, 2011 Didn't finish yet. Still needed to redo two voice overs and add extra photos from Day 1 of the Southern California STEM SLI.  
Build Team - Harrison, Chase, Matthew w/ Diego Begin building prototypes based on CAD designs July 30, 2011 Building has commenced! 7/25  
Entire Team Pass out flyers for STEM Outreach -  August 14, 2011 Miss Calista brought flyers  
Chase & Diego Video Blog - SolidProfessor August 15, 2011 It all got deleted on when Miss Liberty's computer died. Mikie's needs to re-direct, re-film and edit  
Harrison & Matthew Programming August 15, 2011 Psuedocoding was done, but all was lost in the computer. Re-writing.  
Entire Team Live Mission Webcast August 18, 2011 THAT WAS SO COOL!!!  
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