Qualifying for Kona

"Now it's a race!"

Probably the single biggest and most sort after achievement in triathlon is to compete in Kona. Simply finishing this event that really kick started the world of triathlon is a great life achievement. 

The history of the event and how it came to be can be read here. If you are going to try to qualify for Kona then understand the history will give you an appreciation for the event and the significants of what you are trying to achieve. You will need all of this to spur you on when you are chasing that slot!

How ever as well as motivation you also need a carefully thought out plan. A plan for the year as well as a race plan that will go hand in hand in delivering you as close to the perfect day as is possible. 

Racing Ironman with a "slot or nothing" frame of mind is very different from the approach you will have take when you did the event for the first time. You will need a different race plan and different training. 

For any questions about what is involved in taking this step please contact us here.

Brodie Madgwick exiting the water