Ironman Athletes

James Wallace First time Ironman competitor
Here is what he had to say about his Ironman experience.

"I had such an amazing day and believe it or not I enjoyed 
EVERY moment of it! Even when it hurt it felt good!"  

James has a busy life and started his build up to Ironman with Smart Coaching a little under a year out from Ironman. His first triathlon was a standard distance in the build up to the Half Ironman in Taupo. James is a testament to what is possible hard work. 

Well done James from the team at Smart Coaching!

Brodie Madgwick
Brodie has been working with Smart Coaching Ltd for ten years. He works as a full time teacher in Auckland, coaches Rugby and works part time in a second teaching job and still manages to mix it up with some of the big guns of New Zealand Triathlon. 

In Tauranga Half Ironman which has become New Zealand's premier triathlon event Brodie posted the 2nd fast run of the day to place 4th overall. Brodie has also competed in ten Ironman events and posted and is still getting faster! We wish Brodie well as he build up for the coming triathlon season! 

Keep up the great work Brodie!
James Wallace Crossing the line in Ironman NZ

Brodie Madgwick on his way to Victory in the Standard Distance 
National Championships in Wellington