How to go faster

If you have already completed Ironman you know the feeling of finishing is quite amazing. The next question that often gets people thinking is "how much faster can I go?" That is a question that there is only one way of answering - doing it again. 

If you are somewhat of a perfectionist then the things you could have done better in your last event will niggle at you as you wonder "What if I did such and such - I wonder how I would go?" You will have things you could have performed better in the event itself as well as done better in training. 

What most people find they can improve on the most is not being distracted and knowing exactly what to focus on though every minute of the event. It is this ability to concentrate that really really teaches you what is important and what is not. Click here and look under Ironman for information on how you can do a better job in your next Ironman as you strive for perfection.