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Google Calendar

Lead Learner:
 Danny Silva - iteachag

The Tool: http://calendar.google.com



What can Google Calendar do for you? 

What can Google Calendar do for your school?

Taking Google Calendar to the next level 



Google Calendar CVCUE

Use the player below to listen and to the presentation from CVCUE on 4-24-10

Hands-On Activity:

This calendar had been shared with you, please add your birthday. 


Google For Educators:
Google Resources for Educators:
    • Let people save an individual event from your site
    • Let people save all of your events from your site
    • With just a click of a button  
    • Add the button basically anywhere you can put HTML code - including Google Maps - more info here.

View CVCUE in a larger map
  • Use Google's url shorting service (http://gaigalas.net/lab/googl) and ad ".qr" at the end and create a QR code. 
  • People can use a smartphone's Bar Code reader to add the calendar event to their calendar.
  • Put this QR Code anywhere. Even printed flyers or posters for your event.  Check out more here.

Links to Google Calendar Help Pages:

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Presentation Information from Google Workshops for Administrators (GWA)  by Kyle Brumbaugh - GWE, Brooklyn, NY

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Google Calendar Help Videos: Google Calendar Playlist form Google

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