Part-time support in assessing where you are and visualizing where you want to be with your IT Management activities.
Presentations, awareness workshops & strategy sessions, vision statements & policy documents, quick scans & assessments, process improvement projects, RACI workshops, coaching.

Clients: ASL BiSL Foundation, APMG, AXENT, TenneT, Rabobank International, Truston, Pink Elephant, PWN, Gemeente Rotterdam, BearingPoint

Mark Smalley

Self-employed IT Management Consultant, specialized in ASL®, BiSL®
Bookstore™, Application Management and Business Information Management. Also known as the IT Paradigmologist.
Ambassador-in-Chief at the not-for-profit ASL BiSL Foundation.
ASL & BiSL Product Champion at APMG.
Delivery Partner and Lead Trainer for GamingWorksBookstore™.


IT Paradigmology

Various thoughts on the ever-changing world of IT Management:
Blog / Forrester / APMG

Smalley.IT on Demand (videos/webinars)