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Student Athletes:

If you are considering playing competitive sports in college, it is important for you to understand the rules for eligibility, particularly for Divisions I and II, of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  

Interested students should become familiar with requirements now and register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the end of 11th grade.  For more info and to register, go to

If registering, make sure you follow the instructions to send transcripts and official test scores as required.

Please speak to your coach and see your supervising teacher with questions!

NCAA Eligibility Center

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is an organization that oversees and organizes athletic conferences and competitions among many colleges in our nation. The NCAA Clearinghouse determines Initial Eligibility for student athletes and has rules for (but not limited to) determining academic eligibility, student college visits, coaches' conduct, and the recruiting process. The NCAA process is simple and can be done quickly; however failure to perform certain actions could cause delays in an athlete competing.


To learn more about NCAA Eligibilty, please download and review the following documents or go to the NCAA Eligibility Center:

Additional web resource - CBound's online tools are a useful resource for the college recruiting process for high school athletes and their parents -


Student athletes interested in playing on an NCAA Division I or II team should:

  • Start planning now!

  • Review the above documents

  • Log on to the NCAA Initial Eligibility website at

  • Complete the Eligibility Form at the beginning of Junior Year

  • Register to take the ACT, SAT, or both and use NCAA Eligibility Center code "9999" as score recipient

  • Double check to make sure that you are taking courses that match your high school's List of NCAA Courses.

  • Request that your counselor send an official transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center after completing your junior year (the NCAA Eligibility Center does NOT accept faxed transcripts).

  • Prior to registration for your senior year, check with your counselor and the NCAA Eligibility Center to determine the number of core courses that need to be completed your senior year.