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We appreciate your interest in our high school program and look forward to providing you with unequaled education support. By joining this Charter School and the Coast Redwood High School Program, you have become part of a community of parents that is willing to take an active role in the education of students in grades 9-12. As you explore this website, we hope you will become familiar with the roles and responsibilities of all those who interact with your student.

Coast Redwood High School is a hybrid high school program that supports homeschool learning, and an online/blended learning environment that serves students in grades 9–12. Established in 1997 by several middle school homeschool parents and designed by Kay (Sonntag) Mendoza.

As a tuition-free-public school, and a school of choice, SLVUSD Charter School brings an accredited public homeschool education into the homes of students throughout Santa Cruz County, San Mateo County, Monterey County, San Benito County and Santa Clara County.

SLVUSD Charter (25) School is authorized under and in partnership with the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District. This Charter School is the 25th authorized Charter in California and was established in 1993. Coast Redwood High School, one program under the SLVUSD Charter School umbrella, was established in the 1997-1998 school year.

SLVUSD Charter School is not affiliated with nor should be confused with, the district sponsored Ocean Grove Charter School or the K12 Online Education School program.

The SLVUSD Charter School is one of the five district site-based schools in the district. Coast Redwood High School sits off of the SLV High School main campus, as a separate school.

Coast Redwood High School is an independent/home study school provided for ninth-twelfth grade students and families who prefer an individualized approach to education, combined with the support of school district resources. The program is designed by and for homeschool families, with supervising guidance teachers who are knowledgeable and supportive of home-based learning, state frameworks, and school district curriculum guidelines.

High School students at CRHS take similar courses to students enrolled at the comprehensive high schools in the district. These courses can be completed through a variety of settings, such as: studying independently, attending classes taught on site by the staff, enrolling at one of the district’s comprehensive high schools, or taking classes at Cabrillo College. Students in courses at CRHS receive credits based on completion of assignments, and time spent participating in specific activities. To receive credit, completed student assignments must be at least at an above average or “B” level, or it is returned to students for further work. Students who attend classes in other educational institutions while enrolled at CRHS generate a GPA based on coursework they complete and noted on their Charter School transcript.

Many of our students pursue a college education either through Cabrillo College or four-year universities. We have had students admitted to the California State and the University of California systems, as well as private universities across the nation. If you have more questions about the application to college process feel free to ask any of our supervising/guidance teachers.

Coast Redwood High School - SLVUSD Charter School
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