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CSU Monterey Bay Field Trip is Friday, April 24
On April 24, all 7th grade students will visit CSU Monterey Bay.  Our students, along with other 7th grade students from Santa Cruz County, will engage in activities and conversations with college students to learn about college and help our students in thinking about their future. 
We look forward to an exciting day at CSUMB.

Students will depart on buses after roll is taken. We will leave promptly by 8:20 and return to SLVMS by 2:00. Please have your child to school on time.
This is a rain or shine event and students will be walking a lot.  Please help them dress appropriately.
Students must bring their own lunch and water.  
If you student receives a free/reduced lunch, you can order a lunch that will be ready the morning of the field trip  
Lunch Orders must be placed by Wednesday, April 22. Students can complete a lunch order form in the office.


8th Grade Panoramic Picture

Next Thursday April 23 during 5th Period

The 8th Grade Panoramic Picture will be taken during 5th period on Thursday, April 23. Order forms will be passed out early next week and order forms will also be available in the office.  

Bring your filled-out order form with payment to the photographer on Thursday.


Middle School Parent Information Night for Bring Your Own Device 1:1 Initiative

Middle School BYOD Parent Night is Wednesday, April 29

SLVMS will have a parent information night on Wednesday, April 29 from 6:00 to 7:00 pm in the Middle School Library.

The agenda will cover the district's vision, plans for implementation, and Q&A. We hope to see many parents there. In addition, the district office staff will be present at the Middle School Open House on Thursday, May 14 and will be happy to answer questions and talk to parents at that time.

SLVUSD BYOD 1:1 Webpage

Tdap Booster Needed to start 7th Grade Next Year

For the 2015-16 school year, and all future school years, students entering,advancing or transferring into 7th grade will need proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster immunization (called Tdap) for school in the fall. The new requirement was signed into law in 2010. Students without proof of immunization will NOT be allowed to attend school on the first day of school in August.  Please be sure to bring proof from your doctor to the middle school office by June 1.

New Teen After-School Program at Mountain Community Resources!

Need a comfortable and safe place to spend time after school? Mountain Community Resources is opening its doors to all Middle and High School students every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon from 2:30 to 4:30 pm beginning in March.   Students are welcome to bring a snack or use our community kitchen; enjoy comfy couches and large tables for homework, wireless internet, and volunteer-led activities.

Teens can relax or participate in scheduled activities that include movie screenings, art, games, nature walks, and more. Student supervision is provided by MCR staff and volunteers. The MCR closes at 4:30 pm. Please arrange for timely student pickup or transportation.  

MCR is located at 6134 Highway 9 in downtown Felton - look for the building with the big green heart! For more information, contact Nik Martinelli MCR Teen Advocate, at 335-6607 or

New State Online Testing is coming in April and May

Moving away from fill-in-the-bubble tests - and how assessments are changing

For years, most state year-end tests were mainly multiple-choice exams that focused on basic skills. These tests did not measure the skills students need for success after high school, such as writing, critical thinking, and problem solving. With new education standards, states are working together to develop tests that better measure these important skills. In 2014-15, all California schools will replace their old tests in Language Arts and Math with new online assessments designed to better reflect how well students are learning the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s world.

What are the new tests trying to accomplish?
Measure real-world skills.
Allow students to apply knowledge and skills through critical thinking, analytical writing, and problem solving.
End teaching to the test.
Include activities that more closely mirror what students are learning and producing in class.
Provide a more accurate understanding of student knowledge than previous tests because they ask students to show and apply what they know, instead of just picking the right answer from a multiple-choice question.
Include a greater variety of questions to test student knowledge.
Online tests can be scored more quickly, giving teachers and parents more timely information about student performance.

As we get closer to testing in Late April and May, more information will be coming from the school and the district regarding the new state test

Yearbooks are available online at for $44. 

Yearbooks may also be purchased with a check or cash for $46 by using the order form that was sent home.  

The Middle School office has extra order forms if needed.

Mountain Community Resources Core Programs

Moutain Community Resources offers several core programs to help members of our community.  Those programs include: Community Advocacy, Latino Advocacy, Together in the Park, Parent Education, Emergency Preparations, and a Food Distribution Program.  For more information call 335-6600.

Food Distribution is EVERY Thursday from 11:00 to noon at 6134 Highway 9 in Felton.  (except 11/26, 12/24, and 12/31).  

Bring an ID to the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Food distributions include produce, staples, protein rich foods and canned foods.  

For more information email or call 335-6608.

SLVMS Information

athletics border.png

Panther Softball.png

Remember, all athletes must meet minimum eligibility of a 2.0 GPA with no grades of F on the Quarter Three Report Card in order to participate in athletics at SLVMS. Students who become ineligible cannot resume eligibility until next eligibility grades

Full Girls Softball Schedule Available on the SLVMS Athletics Webpage at:


Remember, all athletes must meet minimum eligibility of a 2.0 GPA with no grades of F on the Quarter Three Report Card in order to participate in athletics at SLVMS. Students who become ineligible cannot resume eligibility until next eligibility grades

Full Boys Volleyball Schedule Available on the SLVMS Athletics Webpage at:


Remember, all athletes must meet minimum eligibility of a 2.0 GPA with no grades of F on the Quarter Three Report Card in order to participate in athletics at SLVMS. Students who become ineligible cannot resume eligibility until next eligibility grades

Full Track and Field Schedule Available on the SLVMS Athletics Webpage at:

panther golf.jpg

Remember, all athletes must meet minimum eligibility of a 2.0 GPA with no grades of F on the Quarter Three Report Card in order to participate in athletics at SLVMS. Students who become ineligible cannot resume eligibility until next eligibility grades

Full Golf Schedule Available on the SLVMS Athletics Webpage at:


2014-15 SLV Middle School Online Calendar

The SLVMS Calendar is always online at:

There you can find the daily bell schedule (AOE) as well as a calendar of events.

For those of you who like to plan ahead,

The 2015-16 SLVUSD District Calendar is now online at:

Powerschool is now up and running for parents to access grades and attendance online. 

You should have received your access code, password, and instructions on how to use the Powerschool Parent Portal in the mail.

You can access the PowerSchool Parent Portal at:

There is also a link to the Parent Portal on the SLVMS Website.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your child’s information please contact System Administrator, Gail Heagerty, at or call 335-4425 ext 117.

All Adults Coming on Campus Must Check in at the SLVMS Office - EVERY TIME

We welcome parents and family to a be a part of daily life here at school,  but we must require that you follow a few safety procedures:

ALL ADULTS who do not work for the school MUST sign in at the office before coming on campus and then wear a visitor sticker.  EVERY TIME. Even if you are regularly in a room, or your child is part of a different school such as the Nature Academy Charter School or Charter Homeschool, you must sign in EVERY time you come on campus. This is a SAFETY ISSUE and there are no exceptions. 

The inconvenience of signing in each time you arrive on campus is far outweighed by the school’s ability to keep the campus safe. We do not know every parent by sight and while you are welcome here, for the safety of our children, please sign in every time you come on campus.

Thank you for adherence to our safety procedures.

Just a quick reminder about medications at school as we hit cold and flu season.

School employees are not permitted to dispense any type of medication to students without a signed physician's note.  This includes all over the counter drugs such as Ibuprofen and Benadryl. A parent can come to school and give a child medication, but school employees cannot.

Please be aware that ALL District sites are considered CLOSED between Sunset and Sunrise.  Unauthorized personnel are NOT permitted on District school sites between Sunset and Sunrise. This will be enforced by District Security as well as the local Sheriff's Department. Please share this information with all of the members in your household.  This is to ensure the security of our facilities and the safety of our staff and students.  Thank you for your assistance.  

The SLV Education Foundation is an active 501c3 non-profit organization in need of revitalization, new energy and new leadership. 

Serving all SLV students primarily through various community and fundraising efforts, the Foundation has in the past helped fund such student programs as class-size reduction. The Foundation is now looking for volunteer leaders interested in finding ways to help improve and fund classroom improvement, teacher assistance and after-school/summer activity programs; and even a program to ensure that all students are provided technology and instruction on its use as a part of their education.

If you or someone you know are energetic, hard-working, and committed to the idea that our students deserve the absolute best opportunity to excel that our community can provide, then please consider joining as a leader of the SLV Education Foundation. 

Questions – contact George Wylie, 338-0578 or georgewylie@yahoo.com1-

In response to students and members of our community who are highly allergic to fragrances and scents, the SLVUSD Board of Trustees adopted a California School Board Association policy to make all district classrooms and offices fragrant neutral.

SLVMS has parents and/or students with respiratory issues who can have negative reactions to fragrances. Please take care to follow the policy while on campus.  The announcement is below.

Staff and students shall refrain from bringing furred or feathered animals, stuffed toys that may collect dust mites, scented candles, incense or air fresheners and from using perfume or cologne, scented hair spray, nail polish or nail polish remover that are not fragrance-free in classrooms or other enclosed areas or buildings. The public shall be made aware that there is a growing number of people with fragrance allergies or sensitivities that can have mild to severe health consequences, including asthmatic attacks and other respiratory issues.15

Schedule for the Week of April 20-24

 Monday    April 20         E NO LATE START
 Tuesday April 21    O
 Wednesday  April 22E
 Thursday April 23    O8th Grade Panoramic Picture 1:00 pm
 Friday  April 24E7th Grade College Field Trip to CSU Monterey Bay

Helpful Links for SLVMS Families

Join the Panther Club!
All parents and guardians of our middle school students are welcomed as members of our nonprofit parent/teacher organization. Our members work closely with teachers, staff and students to help provide the highest educational experience, both academically and socially for SLVMS students.

Visit the Panther Club webpage
to learn how we support our students and staff
—and find out how you can help.
And please, join our email list!

Next Panther Club Meeting
To Be Announced

in the Staff Lounge! Come join us! 


 We welcome parents and family to a be a part of daily life here at school.
If you are interested in volunteering for lunch supervision or want to visit your child's classroom, 
we must ask that you follow a few safety procedures. All visitors must come to the main office to sign in, receive a visitors pass, and/or set up a classroom visit.
Click on the Link Below to view SLVMS Adult Safety Rules


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DON'T FORGET to call the attendance line 
when your child will be absent.
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