If you are in the Cast or Crew of one of our productions, or a parent or guardian of one of our thespians, here is the information you need all in one place!

  • Facebook GroupEach student should be in the Facebook page for the production – and check it regularly. Parents can also request to be a part of this group.  This is the place where updates for rehearsals and other information is generally posted.  Each student and parent should also join the general SLVHS Drama closed group Facebook page. Please send a request for the page admin to review.
  • Set building - MANDATORY: Each student in the show is required to contribute at least 6 hours of set building time. Students must participate in both set build AND strike, and a minimum number of rehearsals,  in order to gain Booster participation credit for the production.
  • Tech Week/Dinners: The week prior to a show opening is called "Tech Week."  Rehearsals during this week are usually all-call and it is mandatory that everyone is there; the schedule is usually 3pm-9pm each day.  Dinner is served by parent volunteers and coordinated by the Drama Boosters. You may be asked to contribute money for the Tech Week Dinner.  Students should consider talking to each of their teachers to arrange to do homework ahead of tech week whenever possible. In some cases, teachers will also allow extensions.  Communication is the most important thing so that other teachers are aware of the impact tech week can have. 
  • Call:  Call time (on day of performances) is set by the directors; it is usually 2 hours before the show opens.
  • Gifts: It is traditional for the cast to purchase a gift for the Director(s), which is coordinated by the Stage Manager. It is also traditional for the Director to purchase gifts for the Stage Manager(s).  All students will be asked to contribute financially toward these gifts as they are able.
  • Strike - MANDATORYThe Sunday after the production ends all students must participate in strike. Strike normally lasts 2-3 hours.  As noted above, students must participate in both set build AND strike, and a minimum number of rehearsals and performances,  in order to gain Booster participation credit for the production.
  • Program Ads: We ask that each family with a cast or crew member in a production contribute at least ONE AD for the program. This is a very important part of the financial support for the program, and gives your favorite local business great advertising!  Or, put a special ad in just for your thespian!
  • Volunteer Needs:  There are many volunteers opportunities for each production that are critical - especially in the concessions area.  Each family will be sent a "Sign Up Genius" email a few weeks before opening that will have all of the needs outlined for each production.
  • Eligibility: Students must remain academically eligible to remain in a production as cast, crew or as a director. Eligibility is determined during the production at specific times by the school, and the Drama Instructor will work with the student to advise them if a concern arises. If you any concerns about eligibility, please talk to the director as soon as possible.

As always - thank you for your support!