Welcome 3rd, 4th and 5th graders! I look forward to working with you all this year.  I have taught 4th and 5th grade science for several years, and this is my third year teaching at SLE.  I also teach 6th grade at the middle school.  We are going to have a great year!  My hope is that you refer to this website throughout the school year.  I will post briefly what we do each week in science, video clips I use, pictures, handouts and a variety of class activities. 

Science is an activity-based class that incorporates life science, earth science, and physical science. We are implementing California’s Next Generation Science Standards that will include the following:

                Motion and Energy                                       Sculpting Landscapes 
                Renewable Energy                                        Animal Senses
                Engineering and Design

Click on the following link for a full list of this years standards:  NGSS standards

Supplies Provided:   

1.     Composition Notebook: 100 sheets, 9¾ in x 7½ in. (Not a spiral notebook-This stays at school, but students may take it home if you would like to see it and discuss the notebook with your child). 

2.     Folder

3. Glue sticks, pencil, and colored pencils

I use an Interactive Notebook for science class.  All labs, vocabulary and class activities will be placed in the notebook.

 If you would like to donate glue sticks and colored pencils that would be wonderful.   We use these items most every day in class.

 The Bobcat Be's are the overall guidelines in science class: Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful.  Please discuss the importance of these guidelines with your student as they relate to science.

 Science Class Website:  

The website is the primary way I will communicate to families about what we are doing in science class. Please check regularly so you can be fully informed of what we are studying in class. 

I am looking forward to working with your student.  

Jessica Curcio

Science Schedule:

 Mon/Thurs Tues/Thurs Tues/Fri