ROOM 23 

MRS. HEDSTROM’s 4th GRADE, Weekly Report to Parents


June 7, 2012

The LAST Class News

*Typingclub.  Students can now access their typing practice at home. Once on the site, students type in their first name, capitalizing only the first letter.  The password is: room23. Here is the link:       http://sle-test.typingclub.com  (Also at the bottom of this page--first link)       This should continue to be available over the summer.                        

*It’s been a wonderful year!  I hate to say good-by to your delightful children!

Thanks to all of you who helped out with our last Town on Friday.  It was great fun, as always!


*Please keep the folder Monday; no need to send it back.

*Please check to see if your child has any books from our class library at home.  If so, please return those as well.

*The final field trip is a 4th grade pool party, this coming Wednesday, June 12th.  I’m looking forward to spending this day with so many of you.  If you can stop by for a short time, we’d love to have you.  If you haven’t paid the $6, and are able, please send that in.  We’re a bit short. Wednesday is a full day this week;  no early out.

*A huge thank you to all of you who have volunteered in the classroom, with driving on field trips, with supplies, with art, with donations, and with encouragement and support!  You are a wonderful group of parents!

Also, please send in a bag on Tuesday for your child to put all the desk supplies in.

*Remember, Thursday is a half day; students are out at 11:30.  Report cards will come home that day.



*Report card questions.  Please look over the report card carefully.  Keep in mind that a “3” is grade level proficient.  If you have questions or comments, please send an email.  If a grade has gone down, it is likely because the material is getting more difficult.  Some standards reflect only one or two assignments.

*Letter grades, percentages, and individual assignment grades.  You may go to Power School on line to check on these.  Click on the percentage to get individual assignments.





Math Classes

You can Access our textbook online.
See information below.


Link to typing club:
ID is student's name (capitalize first letter); password is room23

Heifer International Fun and Games:

California Missions:




    (This is the site where you'll find "The Nations of the World" song)

OR  http://geography.nuvvo.com/lesson/9827-animaniacs-nations-of-the-world-song