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Volunteer Information

To register for a volunteer training, fill out the form below. For more information on volunteer jobs, see detailed information at bottom of page.

Volunteer Trainings

Mandatory for all new volunteers. Registration Required

New volunteers only need to attend 1 session.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 6:30-8:00pm, Location: College Church Ballroom, 3620 Lindell

Saturday, November 16, 10:30-12:00pm, Location: College Church Parish Center, 3628 Lindell

Can't make one of the training sessions? Contact Anne at aosdieck@slu.edu

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Below you will find detailed information about volunteer positions with Xavier Winter Inn. This includes: Shelter Coordinators, Dinner Cooks, Set up, Greeters, Innkeepers, Cleaners, and Laundry Drivers

Xavier Winter Inn Shelters Coordinators

Responsibility: to oversee the program, the process, and maintain a strong volunteer base. One coordinator will always be present on open evenings by 4:20PM and will stay until at least one Innkeeper arrives.

 Job Duties

·        To recruit and keep an updated list of volunteer names, addresses, and phone numbers.

·        To coordinate the program with volunteers on an as-needed basis; start the communication phone process when open; answer questions, help with meal planning, keep any necessary keys for innkeepers to pick up

·        Director of Social Ministry will serve as the contact for the WOG coordinator for when to open the shelter

·        Once informed, the coordinator will call the Team Leader, who in turn informs all the team members that the shelter is open. Team Leader is responsible for making any necessary adjustments in volunteer positions.

·        Coordinator also calls Campus Kitchens and SLU Public Safety to alert them shelter is open.

·        Receives calls from WOG to determine the number of guests staying at the shelter and to alert WOG when we are full; address questions or concerns noted in logbook with WOG Coordinator

·        If all guests haven’t arrived by 9:30PM and no one has notified Xavier Winter Inn of a late arrival, coordinator will try to reach the WOG Coordinator. No one is accepted after 10:00PM, except in an emergency.

 Dinner Cooks (Max 2: 1 soup; 1 sandwiches)

·        To purchase, prepare, and deliver the evening meal on Wednesday and Thursdays for a maximum of 16 people when shelter is open.

·        Meals may be prepared at the cook’s home and warmed upon arrival. Meal should consist of sandwiches and one crock pot of soup or stew or chili and bread.

·        Cook should deliver meal and have it ready to serve by 6:00PM


On Site Shelter Teams

Team Leader: Team member will assume this role for the evening. They are responsible for

·        Calling each team member scheduled for the day to let them know shelter is open

·        Filling any open volunteer positions with team member back-ups

·        Remind team members of the expected arrival and departure times for their job

·        Communicate with Site Coordinator any issues that arise

Set Up ( Min of 4 people) 4:30-6:30PM

·        Prepare the site for the guests

·        Obtain keys from the coordinator to open shelter for the night

·        Locate and know how to regulate thermostats and lights

·        Set up cots and bins

·        Assist with setting up intake and buffet tables for dinner

·        Lock all doors to other parts of the parish center before guests arrive

Greeters/Hosts (Max 6) 6:30-9:00PM

·        Welcome and greet guests with the Guest Information and Agreement sheet and assist in completing Guest Intake Card

·        Familiarize guests with the facility: cot area, restrooms, and restricted areas

·        Answer any questions guests may have

·        Clean up supper tables

·        Warp up and put away all leftover food: store in freezer

·        Visit with guests during dinner

·        Engage in conversation or activity with guests after dinner

Innkeepers (2 per evening: 2 males over age of 20) 8:00PM-7:00AM

·        Review the guest intake cards to be familiar with any necessary guest information, medical needs, issues, emergency numbers and site coordinator on duty.

·        Review log book for any new information

·        Know location of shelter supplies

·        Know how to locate and operate thermostats, phones, and fire escape routes

·        Visit with guests during dinner and open time in dining area

·        Dim lights in sleeping area by 8:30PM

·        Turn lights out at 10:00PM

·        Complete morning duties

·        Record any issues/concerns in shelter logbook and inform a shelter coordinator

Cleaners (Min 4) Thursday and Fridays between 7:00am-2:00PM

  • Clean sleeping area
  • Clean eating area
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Arrange Laundry delivery and pick up with laundry driver

 Laundry Driver (1-2 individuals); this is a pick-up and delivery job; Day: TBD

·        Pick up laundry from the week at Parish Center

·        Coordinate laundry drop off with Faultless

·        Drop off laundry at Faultless

  • Coordinate pick up of laundry
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