The Gay News-Telegraph of St. Louis was founded in the fall of 1981 by Jim Thomas, a local gay activist, and several other members of the LGBT community. Within a year TGN-T distributed "no less than 10,000 copies within the greater St. Louis area and throughout Missouri, southern Illinois and central Indiana." Covering local politics, sports, and events as they related to the gay community, the newspaper filled a unique niche in the region. Remaining in publication until 2000, TGN-T is being made available online as part of an internship project with the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where the newspaper archives are held, and Saint Louis University.

The papers are arranged by year and month, and each issue is searchable. Currently, there are no category tags, nor is there a way to search the entirety of the archives at one time. This improvement may be undertaken at a later date, if time permits. New issues will be added as they are compiled. 

The history contained in these pages not only captures a picture of life for a small group of St. Louisans, it provides an intimate look at some of the first ripples spreading through the midwest after the Stonewall riots that took place in 1969. A sense of pride, and of duty to those who came before, permeates the pages. Coming out of the closet was not simply a means of self-acceptance, but a step toward forming a strong, cohesive community. The Gay News-Telegraph chronicles the struggle for acceptance and political relevance in St. Louis, the midwest, and the entire country.