STEM Leadership Series 

STEM Leadership Series Manager/Facilitator: Barbara Pener

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STEMpact is a unique collaboration of St. Louis’ top STEM companies, combining the resources and human capital of major corporations and leading academic institutions to help STEM education thrive in the St. Louis region. Founded on the belief that all students must have access to high-quality STEM education, STEMpact provides assistance to educators and school administrators though a summer training program and ongoing STEM workshops.




Since 2011, STEMpact has launched:

·        Community Conversations among STEM stakeholders to:

o   Identify needs, opportunities and resources

o   Articulate collaborative agreements around high quality STEM instruction

·        The STEM Teacher Quality Institute and Yearlong Follow Up, now in its fourth year (21 schools/ districts and 400 K-8 teachers)

·        Workshops for informal providers to share STEM TQ strategies

·        STEM Leadership workshops for school leaders

STEMpact has chosen to invest in our future workforce (our young people) through STEM Teacher Quality professional learning for teachers and STEM Leadership for school administrators, principals, coordinators, coaches, specialists, and teacher leaders.  The STEM Leadership series is the newest initiative of STEMpact, in collaboration with the Missouri Math and Science Coalition.  Leaders from schools and school districts throughout the bi-state region are invited to come together to strengthen collective STEM efforts by learning, sharing, and exploring the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway rubric tool.

Over the coming series, STEMpact will offer ways to “stemitize” required core curriculum, enhance learning and academic performance, and observe the development of STEM capabilities by connecting classroom instruction and school messages to our lives and the world around. We will hear from other leaders, review learning from the STEM TQ Institute, and generate ideas that fit unique contexts, schools and districts. STEMpact is committed to building our region’s STEM capacity and developing ALL students as STEM capable learners by developing STEM capable teachers and STEM capable schools. 

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