PhD Program: Empirical Track

Students enrolled in the PhD Program in Health Care Ethics in the Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics at Saint Louis University may opt to complete a Certificate of Empirical Research Methods in Bioethics. The PhD Program is designed to produce graduates who are competent in normative health care ethics. Completion of a Certificate is meant to provide special empirical research competencies over and above those gained in the PhD program. The Certificate Program has two tracks—Quantitative and Qualitative—allowing students to focus their energies on survey methods or focus group and interview skills. In both tracks, careful attention is given to developing the ability to analyze a wide range of data using appropriate methods.

Students enrolled in the Empirical Research Methods certificate will receive mentoring from faculty who conduct empirical research in bioethics. Ordinarily, they will work as Research Assistants within the SSRG gaining experience on faculty projects even as they develop their own dissertation research projects. 

Visit the Gnaegi Center website for more information on the PhD Program and Empirical Research Methods Certificate Program.