Thank you for your interest in participating in the Parish Social Ministry Assembly on Saturday, November 10th. 

The purpose of the assembly is to offer an opportunity for the parish community to engage with the Social Ministry Commission and fellow parishioners to share what you're looking for from Social Ministry, our parish community, and what Social Ministry can offer you. 

The assembly will have three focus areas which allow you the opportunity to choose where you would like to spend your time. In registration, you'll be asked to select a focus that you want to participate in. More details about each focus are below

We look forward to seeing you on November 10th from 9AM-12PM.

To Register, click here.

Focus 1

Awareness and Learning

If you're new to the parish or new to Social Ministry, this focus is for you. You'll have an opportunity to learn about our current Social Ministry programs and share what you're looking for from our parish. 

Focus 2


This focus are is for parishioners currently involved with Social Ministry and content with what you're doing. This focus is an opportunity to reflect on your involvement and share your hopes for the future of social ministry in our parish and for your self. 

Focus 3

Being Called to do More: Leadership

This focus is for parishioners looking to take active leadership with programs and activities in Social Ministry. You will have time to reflect and discuss opportunities for active leadership and how Social Ministry can implement increased leadership of parishioners into program.