Welcome to SLUSOM First Year Housing Information

Welcome to the Saint Louis University School of Medicine's Housing Website.  We have compiled this information to help students find affordable and likable housing while in medical school. The information on this website has been compiled through surveys of multiple medical school classes. We have taken this information and separated out the popular buildings and apartments by neighborhood. We hope that this information will take some stress off of your housing search.

Take a glance at the other links to the left. They will give you some good pointers about the St. Louis area - like the different neighborhoods, which highways are close to school, where most students socialize and much more.

In addition: here are the links to Housing Information that we sent you via your Facebook page.  This information is the most recent that was compiled by the Class of 2018:

Links for the Class of 2019

Roommate Search Link Class of 2019

Available Housing (managed by students)

Additional Listings (managed by Student Affairs)

SLU Department of Housing and Residence Life

    Common neighborhoods for the class of 2017:
        Shaw, Tower Grove East, Tower Grove South, Tiffany, Compton Heights
        Central West End
        For more see housing summary

    Guide from Mark Groth, St. Louis resident, available on NextSTL.com
     General information and pictures

The links below contain information from last year's Housing website, which may include additional opportunities for housing in the St. Louis area;

Be sure you visit the Orientation website frequently for pertinent information regarding your Welcome Week here at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.