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SPOTS (Sun Protection Outreach Teaching by Students) is an educational outreach program in which medical students and masters in public health students will be teaching adolescents about the early detection and prevention of skin cancer. SPOTS is an award winning program and received two Gold Triangle Awards from the American Academy of Dermatology in 2009. The main funding for SPOTS comes from the Melonoma Hope Network.

WHY we developed SPOTS?
There has been a notable increase in the incidence of melanoma in children over the past 20 years, particularly adolescents
It is the only cancer whose incidence continues to increase at 3-4% annually
Melanoma is the primary cancer killer of young women ages 25-30 years WHY teens?
Sun protection programs for teens in the US are few in number and not comprehensive
There is not much research data on school-based sun protection programs particularly for adolescents
This is the age when experimental behaviors (risk taking) are high and lifelong behavior patterns are adopted
This is the age group that spends the most time in the sun and tanning beds. WHAT are the main goals of SPOTS?
To increase adolescents’ knowledge about, attitudes toward, and intentions to engage in sun protective behaviors.
To educate adolescents about early detection and prevention of skin cancer.
Promote outreach education in the community by students training in the medical field (physicians, nurses, physician assistants, public health).

*What has been studied is the inadequacy and inconsistency of the use of sun protective behaviors in the US and the dire need for improvement.