October 8-12, 2012

"The Future of Health Care"                  
 In conjunction with National Primary Care Week


The purpose of SLU Primary Care Week is to bring together the three disciplines of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics to emphasize the significance of primary care at our University and its impact within our communities, especially the underserved populations. This event will bring medical students, pre-med students, faculty, allied health professionals, and community advocates, to discuss current issues within the field, and how to empower future primary care physicians to more effectively serve the medical needs of their communities.   








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Overview of the Week's Events 
Monday, October 8
"Interprofessional Medical Home Panel" & 
"Can You Afford to Practice Primary Care?"
Wednesday, October 10
"How to Give a Physical Exam to a Child"
Thursday, October 11
"Specialist Speed Dating"
Friday, October 12
"Community Outreach - Volunteer Opportunities"
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