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From the Library

Joe Custer
Assistant Prof of Law and Director,
Omer Poos Law Library

Our law library staff is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in
the country and we are all here to help make your transition to becoming
a lawyer the smoothest that it can be. It is our job to help you most
efficiently and effectively find your way through our extensive
collection of electronic and print sources. Our reference desk is
staffed everyday of the week by a group of dedicated law librarians,
most of whom hold law school degrees. Our skilled Circulation Desk,
grouped by equally dedicated law librarians and librarians to be, is
always ready to assist you, be it finding reserve items, interlibrary
loan requests or other library needs. Our exceptional technical services
department underlies all of what you see on the public end and they are
just as dedicated to serving our students and faculty as everyone else.
I welcome you to enjoy what we have to offer as one of the top 50 law
libraries in the country according to National Jurist and wish for you a very fruitful and successful school year.