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From Faculty

Visiting Professor Lynn Branham, J.D.
University of Chicago Law School

Tip #1: Do not prepare your own outline of a course. Preparing your own outline will, after all, only enable you to better understand and remember the law, make it more likely that you will garner a higher grade in the course, and equip you to serve your clients more skillfully. If you begin instead to embrace mediocrity, you will soon discover two proven tracks to get there – commercial outlines and outlines written by other students professing to help you.

Tip #2:
Do not budget your time throughout the term. Don’t believe the canard about the turtle and the hare. It’s not the student who works methodically and conscientiously throughout the term who excels in law school. And waiting until the eleventh hour to complete a research paper or prepare frantically for finals is a great way to burn off calories.

Tip #3: Put your life on hold while you are in law school. Don’t nurture your relationships with family and friends, stay physically fit, or grow spiritually while a student. If you allow yourself to become one-dimensional while in law school or, better yet, miserable, you can regale people with your complaints . . . if you can find anyone to talk to.

    Now, if you would permit me to abandon my experiment in reverse psychology, I would like to share with you a final insight – one which I wish some gnarled professor had shared with me as I soldiered through law school . . . and life: “The key to a good day is gratitude.” Have many good days this term!