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Bar Prep Support

Prof. Antonia Miceli

The answer is that there are key steps you need to take now, even as a 1L
or 2L, in order to later sit for the bar exam and be admitted to your
state bar.  The first step towards passing the bar exam is to visit and
bookmark the SLU Law Bar Prep website:  
This website is available solely to SLU Law students and can only be
accessed when you are logged into your SLU email account.  It contains
my contact information and scheduled office hours, a calendar of
upcoming workshops and information sessions, information on the MPRE and
state bar exams, and much more.  You can also “Like” the SLU Law Bar
Prep Facebook page (
www.facebook.com/slulawbarprep) to receive updates, workshop announcements, tips, strategies, pick-me-ups, etc.

Take the Bar Preparation Survey and Win Free Frozen Yogurt

Visit the SLU Law Bar Prep website and take the Bar Preparation Survey by midnight on August 31, 2011, to
be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift certificate to Flying Cow
Frozen Yogurt.  This survey is mandatory for all current law school
students, so respond early to qualify for the free frozen yogurt

3L Weekly MBE Q&A

The key to passing the bar exam is preparation.  Avoid being ambushed by
the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) by visiting the Bar Prep website each
Monday for a weekly practice MBE question.  These MBE questions were
written by the National Conference of Bar Examiners and are taken from a
past bar exam.  Check back on Friday for the answer and explanation.

1Ls – Save Money on the Bar!

Didyou know that you can save up to $300 on your Character & Fitness
applications to the bar by applying for Law Student Registration as a
1L?  In addition to the reduced application fee, the Law Student
Registration allows you to make an early application for Character
&Fitness determination, taking that added stress away from your 3L
This fall, representatives from both the Missouri Board of Law Examiners and
the Illinois Board of Admissions will be visiting the law school to
introduce 1Ls to the Law Student Registration process and answer any
questions you might have.  In the meantime, begin thinking about which
bar exam(s) you plan to take following graduation.  I am happy to talk
with you about that decision, and also to help you determine if your
state offers an early Character & Fitness determination.