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 to Dr. Edwards' group website. Our research interest includes  detecting metabolites using Mass Spectroscopy to better understand Diabetes. Any questions can be directed to Dr. James L. Edwards. (jedward5@slu.edu). 


 We have two new students that have joined the lab! Our undergrad, Maria Torro, is studying Biochemistry at Saint Louis University. Tianjiao Huang is a new graduate student at Saint Louis University and just moved here from Shanghai, China. She received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Shanghai Normal University.

"Global Profiling of Carbonyl Metabolites with a Photocleavable isobaric labeling affinity tag" was accepted into Chemical Communications!
"Glycan Analysis by Isobaric Aldehyde Reactive Tags and Mass Spectrometry" has been accepted by Analytical Chemistry and will be published in the near future.