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Thursday, August 17: NeuroSURF Capstone Event

Today, the six NeuroSURF fellows presented their research findings from their summer experience at a luncheon attended by their mentors. All six talks were outstanding, reflecting the amount of effort the students put into their summer projects. Well done !

From left to right: Rayna Jayanth, Dr. Fenglian Xu, Ann Harlos, Beth Erickson, Dr. Jill Waring, Dr. Whitney Postman, Sydney Rosenthal, Dr. Josh Little, Vruta Kansara, Dr. Mark Voigt and Maggy Moran.

Friday, July14: NeuroSURF goes to the park !

Food Truck Friday in Tower Grove Park was the destination of several NeuroSURF fellows and mentors. In particular, we were targeting the truck "Destination Desserts". This truck, one of 23 at the event, is a project sponsored by the Center for Head Injury Services, to employ folks living with the consequences of traumatic brain injury or with developmental cognitive disabilities. All proceeds from purchases at "Destination Desserts" support the efforts of the Center for Head Injury Services. Attending Fellows were Beth Erickson, Rayna Jaranth and Sydney Rosenthal, and mentors were Whitney Postman, Jane Cox and Mark Voigt. A great time was had by all.

2016 Research Symposium

31 Posters were presented representing work from 12 departments and 5 colleges/schools

Suriya Subramanian, Role of the ventral palliidum in the modulation of feeding and locomotion. Dept. Biology, Colleger of Arts & Sciences. Advisor: Scott Zahm, Ph.D. Pharmacology and Physiology.

Pre-doctoral Student: Carrie Wahlman, The role spinal endogenous adenosine signaling at the A3 adensoine receptor to prevent oxaliplatin-induced neuropathic pain. School of Medicine. Advisor: Daniela Salvemini, Ph.D., Dept. Pharmacology and Physiology

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Jessica Williams, Ph.D., Regional astrocyte-T cell crosstalk guides lesion location during autoimmunity.Dept. Medicine, School of Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis

SLU Students Selected for Neuroscience Fellowships on Campus
Alexis Cross, Noah Fu, Bridget Watson and Azfar Shaik received NeuroSURF awards, which will allow them to conduct research in labs over the summer with SLU professors as their mentors. Full story
Over  thirty posters were presented at the symposium from multiple departments, colleges and schools throughout Saint Louis University. The winners of the poster competition were:
  • Student competition: 
    • 1st place $200 Brinda Gupta, Undergraduate Student ('16), College for Public Health and Social Justice. Advisor: Amy Harkins Ph.D., Department of Pharmacological & Physiological Science   
    • 2nd place (tie) $100 Ameair Abu Iraeba, Graduate Student, Department of Biology, College of Arts & Sciences. Advisor: Judith Ogilvie Ph.D., Department of Biology
    • 2nd place (tie) $100 Selin Acar, Medical Student ('16), School of Medicine. Advisor: Henry A. Nasrallah, M.D., Department of Psychiatry
  • Postdoctoral competition:
    • 1st Place $200 Ashley Symons-Ligouri Ph.D., Department of Pharmacological & Physiological Science, School of Medicine. Advisor: Daniela Salvemini Ph.D.
    • 2nd Place $100 Xin Liang Ph.D., Department of Pharmacological & Physiological Science, School of Medicine. Advisor: Terrance Egan Ph.D.
Congratulations to our winners and all who participated!

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The mission of the Saint Louis University Center for Neuroscience is to improve our understanding of the function of the nervous system in health and disease. The Center promotes and actively encourages interdisciplinary approaches that enhance interactions between clinical and basic researchers and between theorists and experimentalists. By fostering a spirit of excellence at the cutting edge of modern neuroscience, the Center aims to raise the level of neuroscience research at Saint Louis University.