I'm an ABD graduate student at Saint Louis University. My general research areas include ethics, metaphysics, and philosophy of religion.

My dissertation is on moral luck and free will, and it is being directed by Eleonore Stump. In the dissertation, I consider several puzzles about how to reconcile apparently contradictory (albeit common) intuitions about moral responsibility, luck, and control. Additionally, I consider two skeptical arguments from luck that threaten our self-conception as morally responsible agents.
Last March, I co-organized SLU's annual graduate student philosophy conference. The conference was on the problem of evil, and our keynote speakers were Alvin Plantinga and Paul Draper. To see the event flyer, click here.
To view my recent publications or to see what papers are currently being written, click here. For my CV, click here.
Contact: rhartma5@slu.edu