Master's Program

WELCOME! These pages are designed for current students, staff and faculty of these Saint Louis University College for Public Health & Social Justice public health master's degree programs: Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Health Administration (MHA), Master of Science in Biosecurity & Disaster Preparedness (MSBSDP), Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) and Executive Master of Health Administration (EMHA).
The site includes important reference documents, links and information related to some of the policies and procedures of the College for Public Health & Social Justice.
Please let us know of something you think might be valuable to add as well as any missing or incorrect information you find.
We strongly suggest you work with your advisor to get the best advice and to develop a relationship that we hope will last beyond graduation.
Again, welcome!


To access the application, which is available in Banner Self Service, refer to the instructions.

Cherell M. Johnson M.A., 
Master's Candidacy Advisor, Graduate Education, 
ph. 314-977-2245
DuBourg Hall, Room 420C, 221 N Grand Blvd.

Ann Stuart, MPH Program Coordinator
ph: 314-977-5162
Room 454, Salus Center

Catherine Nolan, MPH Practice Experience Coordinator
ph: 314-977-8220
Room 472, Salus Center

Larry Bommarito, Program Manager
Institute for Biosecurity
ph: 314-977-8135
Room 465, Salus Center

Nancy Culbert, Director, Student Services
ph. 314-977-8141
Suite 100, Salus Center

Deborah Jaegers, Program Coordinator
Executive MHA Degree