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Jean-Louis J. Pautrot, Ph. D.
Professor of French 
and International Studies
Department of Modern 
and Classical Languages
Saint Louis University 

Dr. Pautrot has served as a faculty member of the department of Modern and Classical Languages at Saint Louis University since 1991, receiving the appointment of professor of French in 2003 and of International Studies in 2004.  Additionally, he has served as director of the Film Studies Program (2001 to 2007). He completed his doctoral studies in French at Washington University in Saint Louis in 1992 and also holds a licence in English (BA and Teaching Certificate) from the Université de Caen in his native France.
Dr. Pautrot's interdisciplinary research interests have led to an expertise in contemporary French prose (with a focus on interrelations with music); the development and history of French cinema; memory in French literature, cinema, and culture (with special emphasis on memory of the world wars and the Holocaust, memory of trauma, and anthropological memory of the human species); and Franco-American cross-cultural influences (particularly French inventors, artists, and intellectuals who influenced the United States, and the impact of jazz and African-American intellectuals on French literature, cinema, and culture).