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Fr. David Vincent Meconi, S.J.

Associate Professor of Theological Studies
Director of the Catholic Studies Centre
Saint Louis University

“One who has found love feeds on Christ every day and at every hour he or she becomes immortal thereby” (Isaac of Nineveh, Ascetic Treatises §72).  My original draw to the writers of the early Church was prompted by such connections between theology and sanctity. After all, if all of our time in the library, at our desks, and in the university classroom does not increase charity, what good is it, really? This convergence between holiness and the study of God’s word led me to pursue academic work in the thought of the Church Fathers, and St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430) in particular. Most of my work today is centered in Augustine’s rich thought, exploring the many ways he sees the unity between Christ and Christian, and how he exhorts all of us to be transformed by grace and the God-given habits and community which make the Christ-life easy and joyful: “Let us rejoice then and give thanks that we have become not only Christians, but Christ himself (Gratulemur et gratias agamus non solum nos christianos factos esse, sed Christum!). Do you understand and grasp, brothers and sister, God's grace toward us? Marvel and rejoice: we have become Christ. For if he is the head, we are the members; he and we together are the whole man. . . . The fullness of Christ then is the head and the members. But what does "head and members" mean? Christ and the Church” (St. Augustine of Hippo, Homilies of the Gospel of John 21.8).

My first encounter with the Society of Jesus was at Marquette University in Milwaukee where such great Jesuits as Fr. Donald Keefe, Fr. Roland Teske, Fr. Joseph Lienhard, and others were providentially put into my life.  I joined the novitiate in 1992 and then taught Greek and Latin at St. Ignatius College Prep in Chicago (1994-96). From there I taught Classics and Philosophy at Xavier University (1996-2000), before being sent to the University of Innsbruck to do my pontifical license in Patrology (2000-03), where I was also ordained a deacon. After priestly ordination in 2003, I was sent to Oxford University where I wrote a dissertation on St. Augustine’s theology of divinization under Fr. Thomas Weinandy, O.F.M.-Cap. and the Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology and Canon of Christ Church at that time, the Reverend Oliver O’Donovan.  In January of 2007, I came to Saint Louis University where I have been teaching and writing on issues of the early Church and Catholicism in general ever since. I am also the Director of SLU’s Catholic Studies Centre as well as the editor of Homiletic and Pastoral Review


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Called to Be the Children of God: The Catholic Theology of Human Deification by [Olson, Carl, Meconi, David Vincent]
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The Trinity: A Theological and Spiritual History