The Faculty Senate is the primary organ through which faculty members participate in governance of the Madrid Campus as a whole. Senators are elected by their academic units, according to a system of proportional representation. The Senate’s role is to foster dialogue among the Faculty, ensure shared governance in the institution’s decision-making processes, and support transparency in academic affairs. In these ways, the Madrid Faculty Senate contributes to the ongoing improvement of SLU Madrid and supports the University’s Jesuit Mission, dedicated to leadership in the continuing quest for the discovery, dissemination, and integration of the values, knowledge, and skills required to transform society.

The Constitution of the Faculty Senate was written by the Faculty Academic Council and passed by a referendum. Minutes of Faculty Academic Council meetings (2012-2014) can be found here

Click here to visit the Missouri campus Senate website.

Current Madrid Senate initiatives (last updated May 2015):
  • Administrative Structures Committee
  • Grievance Process Committee: Click here to see process for addressing grievances.
  • Ranks Committee
  • Resolution passed on May 11, 2015 for Faculty Participation in Selection and Evaluation of Administrators
The composition of the Madrid Senate is as follows (last updated September 2016). You can contact the Executive Committee via email:

Executive committee:
Anne Dewey, President
Kevin Ingram, President-elect
Alesia Slocum, Secretary

Business & Economics:
Kirk Tennant, Alternate

Science & Engineering:
Francisco Prieto, Senator
Javier Gamo, Senator

Arts & Sciences:
Fabiola Martínez, Senator
Barah Mikail, Senator
Melanie Mitchell
Almudena Olondo, Senator