The Faculty Senate is the primary organ through which faculty members participate in governance of the Madrid Campus as a whole. Senators are elected by their academic units, according to a system of proportional representation. The Senate’s role is to foster dialogue among the Faculty, ensure shared governance in the institution’s decision-making processes, and support transparency in academic affairs. In these ways, the Madrid Faculty Senate contributes to the ongoing improvement of SLU Madrid and supports the University’s Jesuit Mission, dedicated to leadership in the continuing quest for the discovery, dissemination, and integration of the values, knowledge, and skills required to transform society.

The Constitution of the Faculty Senate was written by the Faculty Academic Council and passed by a referendum. Minutes of Faculty Academic Council meetings (2012-2014) can be found here

Click here to visit the Missouri campus Senate website.

Senate Activities 2017-18

i. Academic Ranks Committee

The Ranks document went through further revision during the 2017-2018 academic year, and now includes an alternative ranks system for faculty without terminal degrees. The final draft of the document will be sent out to all faculty at the end of September, a week prior to a vote being taken on implementing the system. The Senate will provide more information on the voting dates and process at the beginning of October.

ii. Professional Relations Committee (PRC)

The Professional Relations Committee provides a peer review for individual faculty grievances. Most U.S. campuses have such committees, and peer-review is a fundamental tenet of shared government. The Dean has now agreed to the implementation of a PRC on campus. The Senate hopes to establish a PRC by the beginning of the Spring Semester 2019.

iii. Academic Affairs Committee 

In 2017 the Academic Affairs Committee conducted a survey of the annual performance review process. In January the Senate submitted the survey and its recommendations to the Associate Dean Laura Tedesco, who is working on a document for a revised annual review process.

iv. Faculty Development Committee 

This committee was formed to find ways to implement faculty career development policies through various initiatives. In 2017 a Faculty Development Survey was conducted among faculty. In the 2018 spring semester the summarized results of this survey were sent to the faculty. Those related to the annual performance review were incorporated in the Senate’s recommendations to the Associate Dean regarding this process.

Proposed Senate Tasks for 2018-2019 Academic Year

i. Creating a Faculty Manual 

Since the Senate was established in 2014, its members have been working towards the creation of a faculty manual. Like the Saint Louis MO faculty manual, the Madrid manual will outline faculty/administration responsibilities and rights. It will help assure shared governance and transparency, and is thus essential for maintaining a healthy (democratic and fair) academic environment.

The Senate will work on creating a draft manual during the 2018-2019 academic year in which the ranks and PRC documents will be incorporated.


ii. Committee to Examine Part-Time Issues

The Senate is in the process of creating a sub-committee devoted to the concerns of the fijos discontinuos. If you would like to be involved in this group please contact us.

A Smaller Senate 
In the Senate meeting of 15 September 2017, the Senate voted in favor of changing article II, 2.b of the constitution by-laws in order to reduce Senate membership. Henceforth, the three divisions will elect a senator for every fifteen members of their faculty rather than for every eight members, as previously required.

The new Senate membership is the following:

Business and Economics: 11 professors = 1 senator

Science and Engineering: 29 professors = 2 senators

Arts and Sciences: 60 professors = 4 senators

Besides these seven members, the Senate will include the President and previous-President (for one year after stepping down from the presidency). There will also be three alternate members, one from each division.

The composition of the Madrid Senate is as follows (last updated October 2018).

Executive committee:
Anne Dewey, Past-President
Kevin Ingram, President

Business & Economics:

Science & Engineering:
Anitha Srinivasan, Senator
Jane Billinghurst, Senator

Arts & Sciences:
Fabiola Martínez, Senator
Roswitha Casmier, Senator
Almudena Olondo, Senator
Carolina Aznar, Senator