Julia R Lieberman, Ph.D.

Professor of Spanish and International Studies
Morrissey Hall, Room 1527

Julia R Lieberman, Professor of Spanish and Intercultural Studies, was on a sabbatical leave during the academic year 2015-2016.  While on leave, she spent six months in Israel, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  She was a Visiting Researcher under the framework of an European Research Council grant entitled: “A Diaspora in Transition – Cultural and Religious Changes in Western Sephardi Communities in the Early Modern Period.”  Lieberman is writing a book on the Charitable Institutions founded by the Spanish-Portuguese Sephardic London Community in the Eighteenth Century.

The experience at the highly regarded Hebrew University was profoundly enriching, as Lieberman worked at her research project alongside a group of scholars with similar academic interests.   She was also given the opportunity to give presentations on her work, to students and colleagues and to the general public. 

In addition to the experience at Hebrew U, Lieberman took an ulpan (an immersion Hebrew language course), where her classmates included Palestinian Muslim and Christian Jerusalemites, Arab speakers who were also learning Hebrew.  She visited museums, enjoyed the perennial sunny weather in Jerusalem and made lifelong friendships with a broad-spectrum of denominations and backgrounds.