Jonathan Reibsamen

I was born in Peru, grew up in Virginia, studied and worked in South Carolina, worked in Texas, and studied and worked in California, prior to beginning my doctoral studies at Saint Louis University in Missouri.

I am married to Julie, and we have two children: Evalia (b. Oct. 2011) and Ethan (b. July 2013). We currently live in the Southampton neighborhood in the city of Saint Louis, where we share a duplex with my parents (who make wonderful neighbors, as it turns out!).

I completed my Ph.D. in philosophy at Saint Louis University in 2015, and am now working for SLU as the project manager for the Happiness and Well-Being Project (info here).

I find almost every area of philosophical inquiry interesting. However, being a mere mortal, I limit my research to epistemology (especially virtue epistemology and social epistemology), early modern philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of education, philosophy of religion, and ethics.

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