Jay M. Hammond, PhD
Associate Professor of Medieval Theology

Director of PhD Program

"The fact that God is a trinity is...the foundation of the entire Christian faith."  (Bonaventure, De mysterio Trinitatis, q. 1, a. 1, concl.)

I have been working at SLU since 2003. My research focuses in three areas: the writings of Francis of Assisi, those of Bonaventure, and the mural decoration of the upper church of the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi. From 2005 to 2008 I also directed a grant in the department concerning "Assessment as Proactive Pedagogy." The grant enabled the department to recommit itself to excellence in teaching and the ongoing enhancement of student learning.

Over the past few years, my favorite course has been the senior seminar because of the opportunity to work with all the graduating theology majors as they embark on the next stage of their lives and because I have team taught the course with Dr. Brian Robinette and Fr. Wayne Hellmann.

My passion for research and teaching combine in the Center for Digital Theology, which I co-direct with Dr. James Ginther. The center's mission supports research and teaching in Theological Studies and related Humanities disciplines through the creation of multimedia projects, web-based databases and other electronic resources that preserve and/or provide access to historical artifacts and texts that have significant religious or theological meaning.

Beyond my teaching and research I enjoy the blessings of many friends and family with whom I laugh often. My wife Nancy is a physical therapist and avid marathoner. My four boys Jacob (7), Lucas (5), Nicholas (3), and Andrew (1) remind me that meaningful relationships are the greatest gifts.