Welcome to the website of the International Faculty and Staff Association (IFSA) of Saint Louis University! 

The IFSA provides assistance to international staff and faculty with work-related (e.g. immigration, SLU resources) and personal affairs (e.g. doctor, housing), as well as organizes networking opportunities to celebrate the cultural diversity of our community. 

IFSA Mission:

  • To pursue a nurturing and supportive environment for individuals from around the world so that they can successfully work and thrive at Saint Louis University.
  • To enhance diversity in the SLU community and to celebrate the richness of a multicultural environment both on campus and in the local community.
  • To foster fairness and social justice for the multicultural environment that surrounds the University.
  • To emphasize the importance of raising awareness of varying intellectual perspectives, developing cultural sensitivity, and working collaboratively with individuals from the University as well as other non-SLU organizations.

IFSA’s Goals:
  • To foster diversity, dialogue & cooperation across cultures, nationalities, races, and ethnicities;
  • To create a forum for faculty and staff who have multicultural interests; 
  • To provide networking opportunities, social exchange, and resources;
  • To promote the welfare of faculty and staff who share an international background;
  • To appreciate the cultural diversity of faculty and staff who share an international background; 
  • To collaborate with other institutions, both locally and globally, on areas of mutual interest.
We welcome all SLU faculty and staff who share an international background or an interest in and appreciation of other cultures.

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