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Personnel and Training

All personnel who will be handling live vertebrate animals are required to be listed on an animal use protocol and be properly trained.  
The steps needed to complete this are:
  1. Submit the Contact Information & Mandatory Animal Use  and OHP Registration Form 
    • (start by clicking the green Contact & Registration button below).
  2. Attend the  Mandatory Animal Use and Occupational Health Orientation (takes ~1 1/2 hrs).
  3. If you are the PI add the new person to your Animal Use Protocol.
    • Start the Amendment adding that person to the protocol in eSirius.
  4. If you are the new person check you are on the animal use protocol BEFORE handling live animals.
  5. Review University Policies applicable to your work.
Adding New Contact and/or Registering for Mandatory Animal Use and OHP Orientation


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If you have questions about Mandatory Animal Use and OHP Orientation contact Steve Tinge @


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