Wellness Holistic Initiative in St. Louis

Before the beginning of the school year in 2012, students volunteering regularly at the Health Resource Center (HRC) recognized that the health and wellbeing of people visiting the HRC was dependent on more than just the medical care they received at the clinic. These students determined that these social determinants of health could not be ignored and that the HRC is in a unique position to help improve the lives of its patients.

After building a comprehensive database of organizations in the St. Louis area that offer assistance in areas important to wellbeing, the Wellness Holistic Initiative in St. Louis, now known as WHISTLe, began as an official program.

WHISTLe volunteers meet with patients one-on-one, before they are seen by the medical students and physician, to discuss and plan with patients how they can best connect to potential resources in the area. The service offered by WHISTLe is an integral piece to the holistic care provided to patients that visit the HRC.

This service is available during the Adult Clinic every Saturday from 8:30am to noon.