Physical Therapy

About Us

The physical therapy clinic at the SLU Health Resource Center offers therapy appointments on Saturday mornings. This clinic is offered through the Program in Physical Therapy at Saint Louis University. Teams of students evaluate and treat patients under observation of a licensed physical therapist. Physical therapy can address pain concerns, loss of function, or post-surgical rehabilitation. Your appointment may include manual techniques performed by the therapists and exercises to be performed at home. Patients at the adult medical clinic may also be screened for need for physical therapy. Our services are completely free and do not require health insurance. 

For Patients:

You need a doctor's prescription to attend physical therapy Your first appointment is 1 hour. Follow-up appointments are 30 minutes. It may take several weeks for an appointment to become available. Please call and schedule an appointment as soon as you receive your prescription. You will receive a reminder phone call the week of your appointment. Please call if you cannot make your appointment: 314-534-8822.

For Referring Healthcare Providers:
The state of Missouri requires a physician referral or prescription in order for a patient to be seen by physical therapy. You can expect that your patient will be seen for their first appointment within one month of calling us. After the first appointment, patients are typically seen once every two weeks. 

Saturdays 8am - 12pm
Patients are seen by referral/prescription only    

Contact Information
Phone: 314-534-8822*
Fax: 314-977-8513

*Phone messages are reviewed on Wednesdays and Saturdays