Welcome to the HRC!

    Since 1994, the students and physicians of the Saint Louis University School of Medicine have been committed to providing free primary healthcare services in an academic environment. Currently we offer eight different clinic sessions to meet our patients’ needs.


For more information on these services, please click on the services you are interested in.                               

Use the calendar below to see clinic operating hours.

Interested in a Hepatitis A shot?

Due to supply shortages, the HRC is currently only able to offer 5 free Hepatitis A shots every Saturday and 3 free Hepatitis A shots every Thursday during normal clinic hours on a first-come-first-serve basis. In order to receive a free Hepatitis A vaccine, you must bring Photo ID.

Unfortunately, we currently cannot offer free Hepatitis A vaccines to those who have health insurance coverage that allows them to receive these vaccines free of charge elsewhere. 

Contact us!

Email: hrc@slu.edu
Phone: (314) 389-0008
Fax: (314) 696-2671