Welcome to the academic homepage of

Grant Kaplan

Associate Professor of Theological Studies
Saint Louis University

I am a Catholic theologian who likes to read and practice fundamental, systematic, historical, and philosophical theology. I came to teach at Saint Louis University in August 2007. Previously I had taught for four years at Loyola University in New Orleans. In the spring of 2011 SLU awarded me tenure and promotion, and in the Spring of 2012 I began directing the Ph.D. program in historical theology. I enjoy teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in systematic, fundamental, and historical theology. In these courses I frequently supplement the theological with historical and philosophical approaches. My primary current project is to understand the work of René Girard through the lens of fundamental theology.
I am also working on the thought of Johann Adam Möhler and the Tübingen School.

When not working for SLU, I enjoy traveling, sports, movies and reading Catholic novelists. I also take pleasure in small reading groups and experiencing my faith through friendships and good conversation. In the summers I often teach a course in Louvain, Belgium, which allows me to stay connected with Continental Europe. I am recently married (Sept 2010) to Emily. Our first child, Maximilian, was born in March 2012. We enjoy hosting friends for dinner and any chance to travel together. 

To the right is a picture of me with Frederick Lawrence, one of my theological mentors.